Friday, November 9, 2012

As happy as I want to be

Going to get a little preachy for a minute so if you don't want to hear (read) it, please turn away and ignore me politely.

Yesterday I posted a quote from Abraham Lincoln on my FB about being happy. It said - and I simplify - that we are going to be about as happy as we let ourselves be. I could spend a great deal of time telling you all the reasons I have NOT to be happy and about how everyone has problems and how it's all relative but that doesn't matter, really.

What matters is everyday that you spend on THIS side of the dirt is a GOOD day. You can make changes and choices and decisions. You can start over. The sun rising every morning is the very definition of a new start. You can be a KIND soul in this world. Even if it feels like it kicks you in the teeth, you can choose to give back nothing but good things. It's YOUR choice. Yours.

And being a good person sets the RIGHT example. It shows people that you're going to rise above it. You're going to see it thru to the next sunrise. Yes it SUCKS just to be human sometimes but someone somewhere ALWAYS has it worse than you.

That's a fact.

I think that counting your blessings this time of year is so terribly, terribly important.

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