Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are a dog family. We have always had and always will have dogs. I have never been a huge fan of cats, you see, I just don't trust them.

This is one of our brood - his name is Mr. Taco. He is cuddly and sweet and obviously adorable. Mr. Taco would be the perfect if he wasn't such a barker. Everything upsets him and he runs around the house barking. It's not just a normal-ish bark, either. It's this high pitched, biting down on ice cubes type howl. There's no stopping him, either. He's just got to go until he gets it out of his system.

We've tried all sorts of training methods - nothing works. You've got to love him because I can't imagine anyone else putting up with him. It's all right. He is a member of the family.

You know how you get so used to a thing? A certain way of life. As odd as it might be it becomes like breathing. Living with Mr. Taco is like that. We are so used to snuggling with him and holding him tight; our lives wouldn't be our lives without him.

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