Tuesday, November 13, 2012

'Tis the season

This time of year I spend a lot of time planning.

Or - that is - I used to.

My son is growing up. He's not a little boy anymore and doesn't want a lot of little things. Instead, he wants one big expensive thing.

His dad and I have tried not to spoil him but undoubtedly, we have. It's not a bad kind of spoiled where he throws himself on the ground and cries until he gets what he wants. He's NEVER done that in his life.

No, instead it's a total shock and awe when what he wants doesn't materialize. He believes in the magic of Christmas. Heck, I am pretty sure he still believes in Santa Claus. Not getting what he wants isn't even a thought. It's not his reality.

Kids who believe get what they want.

If my son was an awful beast of a kid, I wouldn't worry too much about making that magic real for him. The thing is he's pretty awesome. He's funny and smart and usually pretty good company. He's not perfect. He's a teenager. We all know how that goes. His good, true qualities make the other crap livable. Ignorable even.

This year he wants an Alienware computer for Christmas. The most expensive gaming computer on the market that I know of. Heck there might be more expensive ones, I don't know. I know that an Alienware is the dream of a lot of gamers. Branding, I guess. It makes the gamers hearts beat stronger.

What am I going to do????

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